Luxury bespoke humidors
Sept. 2017 - Maison Tercecret in collaboration with Les Fines Lames exhibits at Intertabac in Dortmund
Pierre Marchal founder of Maison Tercecret and Pierre Jourdan, co-founder of the Cigar Cups Les Fines Lames presents their  collaboration  at the Interbac 2017 Exhibition

For 3 days this collaborative project, a unique piece for both the cigar cellar and the famous cigar cutter, was exhibited on the Boveda stand, one of the best hygrometric systems on the market.

 It was also the occasion to taste many vitales, like the brands Horarios, Hiram and Salomon, Cornelius and Anthony, Balmoral, Epic and so on.

You will soon find the continuation of this story. I'll meet you at intertabac 2018.

Juin 2017 - La maison Tercecret partnair of the Big Smoke Paris
"From the pavé of Paris to the humidor ..." La Maison Tercecret, spearheaded by the French slow-made, was led by the master chest maker and former Compagnon du Tour de France Pierre Marchal. Big Smoke Paris 2017, next Saturday. Each of these "secret" humidors protects a bottle of cognac and its two glasses. One will be awarded to the winner. The second will be drawn at the end of the evening ... Each registered person is therefore likely to leave with ...

The Big Smoke Paris is back! On Saturday, June 24, the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) - the world championship of cigar tasting created by Marko Bilic - returns to Paris.  

Rendez-vous in the heart of the capital, on the Grands Boulevards, in the restaurant I fratelini. We kept the recipe that made the success of the first edition: first, the famous trial of "slow smoking" gathering competitors from all over the world. You are reminded that the world record - still valid - was made last year in Paris by Darren Cioffi: 2 h 50 min and 09 seconds with a Macanudo Inspirado Marevas (small corona)! Like last year, the winner will qualify for the grand final in Split in early September. Then? A seated dinner, cigars, wines, spirits, good humor ...

Many lots and surprises. This year, a random draw will even allow non-competitors to win prizes!

They have already confirmed their presence with us: Macanudo, Cuervo y Sobrinos, S. T. Dupont, Havana Club, Gentlemen 1919, La Maison Tercecret ...
Jan. 2017 - Presentation of the luxury boxes Dalmore au Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme
New project realized in collaboration with Park Hyatt and Yann Daniel

Such as the angels' share, as an indomitable rarity, this golden taste is the nectar finally gathered from a whole universe inspired by one of the best confidential whiskey and a Parisian palace. All in roundness, her dress as suspended tapers and slips between your fingers like the ritual of the first mouthful of a sweetened yet unsuspected. Fruit of the meeting between Yann Daniel, Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, and Maxime Gilger, whiskey Dalmore, this jewelry made by Pierre Marchal, founder of the house Tercecret, contains a cocktail putting your spirit in effervescence.

This box already simple box is used for this cockail created by Yann Daniel. He must now sublimate Dalmore. So Tercecret was asked by Maxime Gilger, to bring a more luxurious notion by redesigning a case conceived as a real miniature cigar cellar. This first project was abandoned in favor of a second inspiration quite unusual and unique. A first prototype of this drop of gold was made. The whole identity of this new case was to be made around the semantics Dalmore, with a technical demand delicate to implement.

This unique box is there under your eyes astounded. The lines have been reworked to arrive at its present form. Thus of its rarity its dress takes a golden shade, slightly iridescent. Its depth is revealed at its opening from which escapes a mysterious cigar smoke that takes place all around the glass placed in the center. The walls made with barrel staves, reveal purple reflections, olfactory and colorful nuances still impregnated in the history of this oak of a cru of the medoc. Your eyes, your sense of smell are still searching and are now getting impregnated with "The Dalmore Cigar Old Fashioned". Before you, there, contemplate what will remain a unique experience. The deer of the Mackensie clan inspires you. The house Tercecret is happy to share this jewel with the secret well kept.