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Founder of the house Tercecret, amateur of cigars.

My discovery of the cigar begins very young, but without any interest for it. Indeed my first memories are related to my father, pipe smoker with extraordinary olfactory notes and cigars much less agreeable in truth. It was necessary for my father to light a module in the evening after his daily life. In winter the windows of the kitchen are open and the door closed. During the summer months, those are long evenings listening to his readings with regard to my sister or myself. He lived on a metal chair, with great books in his hands, and the pipe that smoked intermittently as if to pace life ...
But let us go back a little more time. My great-grandfather Alphonse M., in collaboration with his brother André M., carpenter sculptor already made simple sewing boxes ornamented in their lost hours and did not fail to leave their imprint. Then it will be around René M. the grandfather to conceive also, without being a craft, furniture and small modest cigar cellars. These were made of oak, softwood etc ... there were stored also some popular cigarettes or a sock rolled by hand.

This story, no doubt, often told, strongly marks me. I am committed to the values ​​of living heritage. The universe of cabinetmaking captivates me little by little. Through the literary spirit and the curiosity that my parents insult me, I will never cease to discover myself. & Nbsp; The boxes captivate me and the systems of opening to secrets fascinate me ... After an initiatory journey of several years through different workshops, my formation of cabinetmaker will allow me to participate in many projects in famous companies and so perfect my craft culture and eventually return to what intrinsically fascinates me. 
"Since I was little, I was looking for small places to hide objects, hiding places that still exist as such." As I grew older, these hiding places became ingenious and I began to make packaging to protect the contents. or frames to add a double bottom and thus hide my treasures. "During my studies of cabinetmaking I continued to develop my research in the world of boxes that I began to manufacture from scratch."
A native of Lorraine, I did my studies near Metz. After finishing my last two years of college in a European class, I take the direction of the Vosges, attracted by the nobility of cabinetmaking. I joined the Lycée du Haut de Bellieu in Neufchâteau. My second and my first professional give me the basics of this job.
Anxious to perfect my knowledge to grow thanks and with the trade I undertake a Tour de France with the Companionship of the Duty. For more than seven years, I traveled France and abroad. I can mention among other things my passing to the Fondation de Coubertin as a Fellow, Finland, Bulgaria etc ... My Tour de France, rich in human encounters, allows me to achieve a Master's degree in cabinetmaking thanks to to specific and specialized formations, curiosity and above all the network of renowned workshops. I then close this long journey of patience by writing hundreds of pages for an edition of fine binding while finishing my role of trainer with two groups of apprentices.
The encyclopedic subject deals with the evolution of furniture in relation to the social environment. Political life, the evolution of manners, needs and techniques will be discussed; But he does not stop there, he proposes thanks to his project collaborators, a look at what will become the furniture of tomorrow. After offering my technical skills for big houses, and other architects and designers, I wish to return to a passion of my childhood, the box.
Based on a research on the box, made in 2005 at the foundation of Coubertin, I wish to bring all this culture of craft on these magnificent objects. Realizing some boxes parallel to my path, I wish to legitimize this by putting forward the craft of boxer. The TERCECRET brand is born in 2013. 
I thus founded a chalet house in the noble sense of the term, which echoed the traditional know-how while wishing to wear my brand on contemporary lines with the specificity of integrating secret mechanisms to make it playful and magical.
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Family legacy of his great grandfather